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Traveling between LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and NYC using public transportation

Traveling between LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and NYC using public transportation

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LaGuardia (LGA) airport is located in Queens and services domestic US flights for most airlines. Getting to any part of New York City from here by public transportation is quite simple.

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Subway / Bus

If your destination is somewhere in midtown or uptown Manhattan (read more about different areas of Manhattan), the M60 bus is the best bet for you – you can take it from LaGuardia, and get down in uptown Manhattan at Columbia University / 125th Street.

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You can also take the Q33 / Q47 bus to Roosevelt Avenue Jackson Heights, from where you can connect to E or F trains which go to Manhattan. You can also get down at Jackson Heights (74th Street and Broadway) and connect to the 7  train going to Manhattan. These buses also connect to the R, F and G trains.

The Q48 bus runes between Flushing, Queens to all the terminals at the LaGuardia airport.

Bonus Tip 1: If you use a MetroCard, transfers between a bus and Subway (or the other way round) are free upto 2 hours. So, the journey between LGA and NYC would be just $2.25!

Bonus Tip 2: Use this option only if you are traveling light. Also, Subway + bus would take a lot longer than usual during late nights and on weekends due to reduced frequency of operation of trains & buses.


Taxi / Cab

Taxis are easily available from all the terminals of LaGuardia. These are metered taxis, and the fare comes to about $25 (excluding tolls and tips) for Manhattan locations. The cost includes up to 4 passengers, and there is no additional charge for luggage.

The ride to Manhattan takes 30-40 minutes.

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Limo / Private Car Service

For a little more luxury at a slightly higher price than the taxi, you can arrange a private sedan or limo. These services usually come with airport meet and greet, uniformed chauffeur, help with luggage, and more.

When you prearrange a car, you can avoid the lines for taxi at the airport. This option is also handy is you are traveling in a large group and you want to hire a limo or an SUV.

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