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Stretch Limousine Services in New York City – Stretch Limo NYC

Stretch Limousine Services in New York City – Stretch Limo NYC

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New York City is not only known for its bright lights, picturesque landmarks, breathtaking skyscrapers, and its iconic yellow cab rides.

It is also home to the best, grandest and incomparably luxurious ground transportation vehicle services – its stretch limos!


Stretch Limos in New York City – The Basics

Why these cars are called stretch limousines? It is because the bodies of the original vehicles are stretched physically to add 80 to 120 inches (6 to 10 feet) of length depending on the intended passenger capacity that the builders have in mind.

A Stretch Limousine - One of the Most Luxurious Ways to See New York City

A Stretch Limousine – One of the Most Luxurious Ways to See New York City

Stretch limousines, as you know, are almost always and unfailingly associated with the incredibly famous and the incredibly wealthy. Yet the truth is that you don’t need either of the two to be able to land a ride in one.

You can always reserve the services of a limousine company in NYC to make that dream ride of yours become a reality. It is as easy as – and even much more convenient – than raising your hands to hail a cab ride. With all the amenities and luxuries a stretch limousine has to offer, you definitely will not forget the experience!

Stretch limousines in New York City come in different kinds of vehicle models. You can choose a Hummer, a BMW, a Navigator, or a Mercedes – it’s totally up to you. No matter what your choice is, you will surely turn heads in your direction.


Purposes for Which a Stretch Limousine can be Hired

Most people rent a stretch limousine for special and exciting events.

If you are going to have a romantic night in NYC with a special someone, you may want to impress her by arriving at her doorstep and leading her to a stretch limousine sweetly waiting in front of her doorsteps.

Luxurious Interiors of an NYC Stretch Limo

Luxurious Interiors of an NYC Stretch Limo

Quite a dreamy way to start the night, isn’t it? That is why stretch limousines are ideal for dates, and the reason most men enjoy the services of one – to the delight of the lucky women.

It is also the perfect choice for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, prom nights, cocktails, balls, business meetings, or just for a tour around the city in style and in comfort.

You can also ride a stretch limo with your family or friends – it can accommodate 6 to 12 individuals, so it is not a problem for groups, aside from being more economic!

Super stretched limos can even hold more than 20 passengers. Isn’t that awesome?


Typical Rates and Charges for Stretch Limousine Services in NYC

Rates for stretch limo services in the city of New York depend on your choice of vehicle model, the passenger capacity of the limo you rented, whether the gratuities are already included in the total charge, the amenities you demand from your ride, and the limousine company you source the service from.

Normally, however, the hourly fee for a stretch limousine ride is from $100 for regular six-passenger ones to almost $1000 for large stretch limos with over 20 occupants.

Stretch limos might be slightly higher in price compared to the non-stretch luxury cars and limos, but they supreme in every sense of the word!


Stretch Limo – Services Included for Additional Cost

Some of the amenities and services packed in a stretch limousine are entertainment equipments such as televisions, video players, stereos, Wi-Fi connectivity, and AM or FM radios.

A Stretch Limo in New York City with a Full Wet Bar

A Stretch Limo in New York City with a Full Wet Bar

A wet bar is also a common feature inside a stretch limo. You often don’t need to ask for these facilities, for you can choose a limousine ride with all of these already packaged and included in the total amount you pay.

You can, however, ask for some extras for a special day – a champagne bottle, a bouquet of flowers, premium chocolates, etc. are commonly provided by stretch limo companies for an additional charge.


Suggested Gratuity for a Stretch Limousine Chauffeur in New York City

A Stretch Limo - Stretch Hummer - in Times Square New York City

A Stretch Limo – Stretch Hummer – in Times Square New York City

If the gratuity is not included on the total fee you paid for the limo rental service, then it would be customary for you to give some directly to the stretch limo driver.

The suggested gratuity ranges from 15% to 25% of the total fare. So, depending on how much you have enjoyed the stretch limousine ride and how the chauffeur’s professional performance was, you have the discretion to decide on the tip you give.


How to Hire a Stretch Limousine in New York City

In NYC, securing the services of a stretch limo is very simple. You can book ahead online and get a confirmed reservation. Just keep your credit card ready, and reserve your stretch limo!


Go For It!

So, if you need a fast, reliable, and excellent ride – not to forget a luxurious and comfortable one – then go for a stretch limousine in New York City.

Enjoy the ultimate head-turner while you are in NYC…

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