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South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport

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South Street Seaport Location

19 Fulton St (between Front St & Water St) Pier 17,

New York, NY 10038, United States.


The South Street Seaport is located in lower Manhattan, on the East side of the financial district. It is a port on the East River.


South Street Seaport Contact Details

Telephone: 212 732 7678 (or 212-Sea-Ports)



About South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport is located in lower Manhattan, with a tremendous view. This place is situated at the place of what was formerly the busiest seaport in America. This is a must-see for anybody who visits New York City.

South Street Seaport - Museum, Market, Shopping Mall and Harbor Cruises

South Street Seaport - Museum, Market, Shopping Mall and Harbor Cruises

It offers insight into New York’s prosperous marine history, and also provides a grand place for shopping, dining and starting many river and harbor cruises.

South Street Seaport has a marine museum and a shopping mall. The entire area in the region of South Street is part of the South Street Seaport Museum. This is the place where you can walk past 18th and 19th century buildings and homes which are located on cobblestone streets.

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You can get pleasure from galleries and displays related to the port city. You can also see a 19th century print shop and a set of famous vessels on the museum’s Street of Ships.

Trivia: The neighborhood’s center, Fulton Street, was one of the most herded streets in the city – particularly after a fish market opened here in 1821.


What to see at South Street Seaport


South Street Seaport Museum

The South Street Seaport Museum conserves and construes the past of New York City as a world seaport. The Museum includes more than 30,000 square feet of display space and learning facilities, housed in early 19th-century commercial buildings.

The Museum contains display galleries, a working 19th-century print shop, an archaeology centre, a marine library, a craft centre, a naval life preservation lab, and the biggest convoy of notable ships in the country which is privately-owned. Its collected works consist of paintings by the greatest American marine artists, momentous works of scrimshaw, excellent ship models, ninetieth century figureheads, trade cards, and other remarkable works.

The Fulton Market

The Fulton Market

Ocean Liner Memorabilia: The South Street Seaport Museum boasts with the collection of ocean liner memorabilia which is largest in the world. The South Street Seaport Museum has objects as varied as trunks, photos, cutaways, menus, passenger lists, attractive objects, and memorial souvenirs so as to carry the golden age of ocean voyage alive.

Ship Models: The South Street Seaport Museum upholds a set of more than 1,000 ship models which includes full-hull, waterline, and half-hull models. Their collection includes well-known cruise and watercourse vessels as well. These cruise and watercourse vessels had great contribution in trade and commerce in the Port of New York.

(Image by hmerinomx)

Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw is renowned for its historical and artistic qualities. It is a suggestive symbol of the link between land and sea.

Paintings: The museum has enhanced their maritime paintings collection with some of the most famous marine artists’ work in America. The Museum has a broad collection of maritime paintings. Their remarkable collection are: James Edward Buttersworth (1817 – 1894), Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen (1850 – 1921), Duncan McFarlane (1818-1865) and John Rubens Smith (1775-1849).


Bodies The Exhibition

Bodies The Exhibition

Bodies – The Exhibition

The world famous Bodies exhibition is located at the South Street Seaport.


The South Street Seaport – Visiting hours

The seaport area is open 24 hours a day, although the shopping center and various other attractions have their own hours.

The hours for the museum are 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all days.


How to reach the South Street Seaport


By Bus

You can take the M15 downtown bus on 2nd Avenue to the South Street Seaport stop.


By Train / Subway

You can take the:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, J, M or Z trains to the Fulton Street subway station
  • A or C trains to the Broadway-Nassau subway stop


The South Street Seaport – Tickets


Other tourist attractions near South Street Seaport


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