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New York Marathon – All You Wanted to Know About the NYC Marathon

New York Marathon – All You Wanted to Know About the NYC Marathon

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New York City is not only known as the cultural center of the world along with its captivating attractions and busy lifestyle, but is also famous for the various sporting events and activities it hosts.

Annually, NYC holds one of the largest marathons in the world. The event is called New York Marathon, which is also widely known as ING New York City Marathon and is religiously organized by New York Road Runners.

ING is the primary sponsor of the New York Marathon allowing its name to be associated with the event.


New York Marathon – When and Where

ING New York City Marathon

ING New York City Marathon

Every first Sunday of November, skilled runners and amateurs around the globe assemble together near Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at Staten Island as the starting course of the race.

The bridge remains closed during the event. Both upper and lower level of the bridge are used by the waiting participants. Therefore, vehicles that are normally the masters of the bridge are not allowed ply during the NYC marathon.

As soon as the organizers mark the beginning of the race, multitude of runners make their way from the bridge heading through Brooklyn that is about 11 miles away. Runners then make it through another 13 miles to reach the entrance of Queens.

About 2.5 miles from there, the participants then pass through the East River on the Queensboro Bridge to access Manhattan.

Normally, runners who reach this phase find it difficult to reach Manhattan as climbing the bridge makes it hard for them.

Finish Line of the New York Marathon at Central Park

Finish Line of the New York Marathon at Central Park

But, for those who successfully make it through the bridge continue running about 16 miles north on First Avenue to reach The Bronx through Willis Avenue Bridge.

Shortly, about a mile later, the runners return to Manhattan passing in the course of Madison Avenue Bridge, and then to Harlem down to Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

The race continues to the southern end of the park heading to Central Park South. At Central Park South, melodious cheering and congratulations await those participants who are down for their last one mile.

The course leads to Columbus Circle, and ends outside Tavern on the Green.


How to Participate in New York Marathon

Since the NYC Marathon is so popular, participation to the race requires effort, hard work and luck. It means that not all people who are willing to participate get the chance to do so.

Prior to trying your luck to register for the New York marathon, make sure that you undergo a qualifying marathon run before the main New York marathon event.

Yearly, the organizers of the marathon publish qualifying time standards as early as January 1 of the year. These standards are their bases to qualify you for the race.

Intense Competition and Strict Standards for the NYC Marathon

Intense Competition and Strict Standards for the NYC Marathon

If you miss or are not able to join a marathon run before the big event, you can still volunteer to one of the official charities of the NYC Marathon and hopefully receive a marathon slot for your hard work. Organizers usually publish participating charities early in the year.

By late December to early January, you can visit the official website of New York Marathon and submit your application.

If neither the qualifying time standards nor volunteer work gets you an entry to the event, your application is then entered to the lottery which consists of nearly 100,000 would-be marathoners. If luck is on your side, you will be included as one of the official participants of the NYC marathon!


Preparing and Training for New York Marathon – What to Do Before the Event?

When finally you are confirmed as one of the participants of the NYC marathon, be sure to prepare and train for the marathon.

Preparing and Training for New York Marathon

Preparing and Training for New York Marathon

As you know, getting in is already not easy. How much more difficult would it be while you are actually running the marathon?

It is advisable to allocate a lot of time for training for the big event. You can involve yourself in group training dedicated to New York Marathon.

Many official participating charities for the marathon offer necessary benefits for their volunteers, like coaches and training programs as well as logistic maintenance.

If team training is not part of your plan, you can always practice by yourself. When doing it alone, always have a goal. You can start slowly, and then little by little you can reach over 40 miles a week from 10 miles.

Practice your breathing, energy conservation and release, stamina, as well as lower body development to support you throughout the NYC marathon.

As the day of the event gets nearer, prepare yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Set your focus to winning the game.

And when the New York marathon is finally on, have fun and enjoy the moment!


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