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Bryant Park – Midtown Manhattan – New York City

Bryant Park – Midtown Manhattan – New York City

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Bryant Park – Location

Bryant Park is located in Midtown Manhattan (Midtown West) in New York City.

Its exact address is:

42nd Street & Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017


Bryant Park – Contact Details


About Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a public park. It covers an area of 9.603 acres (39,000 sq. meters) in New York City’s Manhattan borough. More than 800 people per acre gather in this park, making it the busiest urban park in the world!

Bryant Park Lawn

Bryant Park Lawn

It is a branch of New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, but is operated by a private not-for-profit corporation, the Bryant Park Corporation.

A park called Reservoir Square was renamed as Bryant Park in1847 to respect the New York Evening Post editor and abolitionist William Cullen Bryant.

In 1970s-1980s, there were some ups and downs in this Park. It was the place for drug dealers, prostitutes and other vices. In the 1990s, situation came under control, and today, the park is very serene and peaceful. Now, when people become tired of their daily routine and try to drive away their boredom, they find Bryant Park as a place for relaxation due to its plain but effectual design, with an outsized central turf encircled by trees.


What to see at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of the most attractive sights for its visitors – it drives away tiredness of office workers on sunny weekdays, city visitors on the weekends, and revelers during the holidays.

You can see the first monument dedicated to a woman, the Josephine Shaw Lowell fountain, in this park. You can see some other monuments in the park, like the Benito Juarez Monument, Gertrude Stein Statue, Jose Bonifacio De Andrada E Silva Statue and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Today, Bryant Park has also become the preferred surrounding for big screen and small screen productions. The main part of the New York Public Library is also located in the north side of Bryant park.

Ice Skating at the Citi Pond in Winter

Ice Skating at the Citi Pond in Winter

In winter, the Citi Pond becomes the main attraction of Bryant Park. If you are in a mood for ice skating, you can take free admission into the 70′ x 100′ ice skating rink, in addition to high quality rental skates, skating shows, special events, and activities.

There is also scope for dining in a beautiful, two-story restaurant featuring glass-enclosed lounges and an open-air porch with heat lamps. Here, you can dine while enjoying the stunning view of the park.

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park offer you exclusive shopping opportunity to purchase custom-designed jewelry, clothing, decorative pieces, and more.

Every year, many events are also organized in the open space of the park.

In the park, there are arrangements for having lunch and for people-watching, an open-air reading room, a carousel for kids and a venue for free shows and concerts.

You also get free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets in Bryant Park if you want to use your laptop computer.


Bryant Park Hours



  • Sunday to Thursday – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 7:00 am to Midnight



  • 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (after Daylight Savings change)


Carousel for Children at Bryant Park

Carousel for Children at Bryant Park


  • 7:00 am to 10:00 pm



  • Monday to Saturday – 7:00 am to Midnight
  • Sunday – 7:00 am to 11:00pm



  • 7:00 am to 10:00 pm



  • Sunday to Thursday – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 7:00 am to Midnight


How to reach Bryant Park

Bryant Park  is quite centrally located, and you can reach it by Subway trains or by bus from anywhere in New York City.


Public Events at Bryant Park

Public Events at Bryant Park

By Train / Subway

You can take the:

  • B, D, F, M trains to the 42nd Street Bryant Park subway station
  • 7 train to the 5th Avenue train stop


By Bus

You can easily reach Bryant park by city buses as well. If you are traveling by the hop on hop off buses, you can comfortably reach Bryant Park too.


Bryant Park Admission Tickets

  • Admission: Free
  • Skate Rental: $14
  • VIP Fast Pass: $20
  • Locker Usage: Free
  • Locks for Purchase: $9
  • Bag Check: Medium Bag – $7, Large Bag – $10
  • Skate Sharpening: $20


Other Tourist Attractions Near Bryant Park

 (Images from Bryant Park)

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