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Hostel NYC – How to Find the Best Hostels in New York City

Hostel NYC – How to Find the Best Hostels in New York City

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Here is your complete guide to hostels in New York City. But before we jump into the topic of hostel NYC, let’s understand the basics first.


What is a Hostel?

A hostel is a dormitory style facility that provides bedding, bathing and kitchen facilities at a low price and is budget friendly.

Hostel NYC - What is a Hostel?

Hostel NYC - What is a Hostel?

Hostels provide mixed / co-ed or single-sex rooms. At times, they also provide private rooms that are priced a little higher compared to regular rooms.

Normally, hostels are occupied by students, back packers and other groups or even independent travelers.

They require that the customers are above 18 years old, or if not, must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.


Hostels and Hotel – The Differences

Co Ed Room in a Hostel

Co Ed Room in a Hostel

A hostel is a budget friendly accommodation that offers low rates for bedding and services, while hotels are expensive. This is the single biggest difference.

If you are looking for a formal atmosphere then head on to hotels, since they offer excellent services and facilities.

On the other hand, a hostel has a less formal environment. It is due to the fact that everything is usually shared and the services are usually in the do-it-yourself form.

Dining Area in a New York City Hostel

Dining Area in a New York City Hostel

If you like talking and socializing, you can easily do it in a hostel because a hostel has more common areas like living room and kitchen area.

It is difficult to socialize much in a hotel since people usually stay reserved and the only place to socialize is the lounge or the bar.

Hostels are commonly occupied by teens and youngsters for they are much more socially oriented. A hotel has a luxury and formal environment, and is usually occupied by families and people traveling for business.


Hostel NYC – How to Find the Best Hostel in New York City

There are plenty of hostels in New York City for you to choose from. But, finding the best is absolutely a must so that you and your family can enjoy the vacation or stay in NYC. Here are the steps to follow to narrow down on the best hostel NYC.


Hostel NYC – Look for the hostel

The first thing to do is search for New York City hostels on the internet. You will actually find plenty of them, so list all the hostel NYC in your notepad.


Shortlist the NYC Hostel

A typical NYC Hostel Room

A typical NYC Hostel Room

Most of the hostels have their services and rates listed on their website. So you can compare them from one another and come up with a shortlist.

When you have short listed the NYC hostels, you do not have to immediately choose one of them based on your instincts or its name.

Consider the following:

  • You have to search for their background, performance and feedback received from other patrons.
  • Also check on the location of the hostel. It is great if it is nearer to the best tourist places in New York City, or near the place you plan to visit in NYC.
  • It should also be safe for you to travel to, especially at night, and should be easily accessible by public transit.
  • You have to look at the services and facilities at the hostels in your list. You have to make sure that they have the amenities that you need to make your stay worthwhile.
  • You also have to check the type of bedding they offer. If you do not like the type of beds they have, then you can bring your own sleeping bag to lay down and sleep.
  • Hostel NYC - A New York Loft Hostel

    Hostel NYC - A New York Loft Hostel

    Normally, in a hostel, the kitchen is for all customers. So, try to see if their kitchen can accommodate plenty of persons to cook at the same time. It will save time and you would not not have to squeeze in the crowd.

  • It is great if the hostel has a cafe and other places for you to socialize. It will not only make your stay exciting, but meaningful too as you will meet new set of friends. You never know, you might find someone worth keeping in touch with!
  • It is great if there are testimonials on their website or around the internet. If there are none, try asking people whom you know who have experienced the accommodation of that certain hostel in your short list.
  • Remember, not all offers and goodies presented on their website may be true. They are just there to attract possible customers like you. So, it is better to know them first and find out which ones are really beneficial to you.


Check and compare the prices

Hostel NYC - Compare Prices

Hostel NYC - Compare Prices

When you already have the final shortlist of hostels based on the above, you have to compare their rates and prices.

Opt for the lowest price possible with all the services you need.

At times, you have to opt for little higher rates to have the facilities you think are best for you and your family.


Hostel NYC – Conclusion

That’s it – now that you have narrowed down on the best hostel NYC, go ahead and make the booking!

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  1. Tommy Lepus says:

    I though the only “legal” hostel is Hostelling International… and that all of the others are running their business underground. I also heard that people get evicted when the Police show up to close the business because it is illegal. Hmmmm book with caution and do not pre-pay for your accommodations!

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