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Mamma Mia Review – Broadway Show / Musical

Mamma Mia Review – Broadway Show / Musical

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Mamma Mia Review – The Background

Mamma Mia is stage musical based on the songs of ABBA, which is written by British playwright Catherine Johnson and composed by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, former members of the band.

Mamma Mia Review

Mamma Mia Review

Since its 1999 first appearance, it has grossed $2 billion dollars worldwide and more than 42 million people have seen the show.

From 2011, the musical has been acted in sixteen languages, including English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. Apart from the tours, the show has had eternal productions in cities like London, Toronto, New York, Hamburg, Rome, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Madrid, Osaka, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan and more.

Although Mamma Mia has been nomination for several awards, only Louise Pitre has won Theatre World Award in 2002.


Mamma Mia Review – Plot and Story

Mamma Mia is a musical with a disco beat, and features the music of famous Swedish singing group ABBA. The plot of the musical is a Greek island where 20 year old bride-to-be Sophie Sheridan and her mother Donna – who happens to be a previous star singer – live.

Mamma Mia Review - Broadway Show - Musical

Mamma Mia Review – Broadway Show – Musical

But her father is not present there because she is not certain of his identity. So Sophie looks into her mom’s diary and discovers that the strangers Sam, Harry or Bill might be her father. She selects these three ex-lovers of her mother as her probable fathers.

The deprived Sophie dreams on having her father walk her down the aisle. She invites the three men to her wedding as though she were her mother Donna. Sophie believes that she would be able to figure out who her father is when she sees them in person.

Donna has a simple hotel on the island, and has friends Rosie and Tanya. She is a bit confused to be visited by her old flames. Donna gets stressed when she sees her three ex-lovers together in her hotel. A drama unfolds…


Mamma Mia Running Time

Running time of this musical is 2 hours and 30 minutes, with an intermission of 15 minutes.


Songs in Mamma Mia Broadway Show / Musical

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus created most of the lyrics of Mamma Mia, and they are also the composer of the songs. Some songs have been written by Stig Anderson.


Melodious Songs in Mamma Mia

Melodious Songs in Mamma Mia

Act-I of Mamma Mia

  • Honey, Honey: Sophie Sheridan, Ali and Lisa sing this song
  • Money, Money, Money: Donna Sheridan, Ali, Rosie, Pepper and Company
  • Thank you for the music: Sophie Sheridan, Sam Carmichael, Harry Bright and Bill Austin are used to sing the song
  • Mamma Mia: Donna Sheridan and Company sing the song
  • Chiquitita: Tanya, Rosie and Donna Sheridan sing the song
  • Dancing Queen: Tanya, Rosie and Donna Sheridan are used to sing the song
  • Lay All Your Love on Me: Sky, Sophie Sheridan and Company sing the song
  • Super Trouper: Donna Sheridan, Rosie, Tanya and Female Ensemble are seen to sing the song
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!: Female Ensemble sing the song
  • The Name of the Game: Sophie Sheridan and Bill Austin sing the song
  • Voulez-Vous: The Company sing the song


Act-II of Mamma Mia

  • Under Attack: Sophie Sheridan and Company are the singer of the song
  • One of Us: Donna Sheridan is the sole singer of this song
  • S.O.S.: Donna Sheridan and Sam Carmichael sing the song
  • Does Your Mother Know: Tanya, Pepper and Company sing the song
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You: This song is sung by Sam Carmichael
  • Our Last Summer: Harry Bright and Donna Sheridan sing the song
  • Slipping Through My Fingers: Sophie Sheridan sings the song
  • The Winner Takes It All: Donna Sheridan sings the song
  • Take a Chance on Me: Rosie and Bill Austin sing the song
  • I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do: Sam Carmichael, Donna Sheridan and Company sing the song
  • I Have  a Dream: Sophie Sheridan sings the song


Mamma Mia Review – Our Critique

Mamma Mia is a fantastic musical to watch. The show keeps you glued to your seat with continual liveliness and passion. Mamma Mia is vigorous, amusing and enjoyable.

The lighting and sound effects are in Mamma Mia are also awesome.


Mamma Mia! Playing at the Winter Garden Theater

Mamma Mia! Playing at the Winter Garden Theater

Mamma Mia Review – This Broadway Show is Suitable For

Mamma Mia easily appeals to all ages. However, it may not be suitable for young kids due to its storyline – this is not a story that young children are likely to enjoy.

(If you are a family with kids visiting New York City, and plan to see a Broadway show, Mary Poppins should be a much better option. You can read its review here)


Theater at Which Mamma Mia is Currently Playing

Winter Garden Theater

Address: 1634 Broadway, New York, NY 10019


What Other Viewers are Saying About Mamma Mia


Mamma Mia Review 1

What a great show!!! Actors & actresses were wonderful, very entertaining the whole time! Also, sets, great colors, these people have wonderful talent! Loved it and would go again.


An Act from Mamma Mia!

An Act from Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia Review 2

All I can say is high energy and loved it! My husband and I saw it at the Winter Garden this past Saturday and even though he is not an ABBA fan I saw him singing and laughing too.

If you want a happy,feel good…take me back to when we were 17 type of play, then this play might be the ticket. If you’re looking for something more dower or stuffy, then go see something else.


Mamma Mia Review 3

I just saw this today and I thought it was wonderful! You wanted to sing along to every song and it made you laugh as well. Lisa Brescia (Donna Sheridan) definitely was the best of the cast. She had an extremely amazing voice and was a wonderful actress as well.

It really shocked me at how long she could hold a note for The Winner Takes It All. GO SEE IT! You’ll have a GREAT time!


Mamma Mia Review 4

Absolutely great! Laughed till I cried and the vocals were worthy of Broadway. The full house crowd was on it’s feet dancing for the last twenty minutes of the show. Rosie stole the show!


The Cast of Mamma Mia!

The Cast of Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia Review 5

My wife and I saw Mamma Mia for the third time. Without a doubt, this most recent experience was the best of the three showings. You could tell from the expressions of the actors that they truly enjoyed what they were doing.

Not only was the cast extremely talented, but their enthusiasm was contagious. By the encore numbers, the audience was on their feet, dancing and singing along with the cast.


Mamma Mia Review 6

Although it has kind of a chic-flic story line, Mamma Mia is enjoyable even for the manliest of men! I, as a guy, went with my whole family (wife and four kids).The youngest, who was 5 at the time, liked the funky dance music, but didn’t really get the story line. The middle two (8 and 10) were somewhat indifferent, and the oldest (13yo boy) absolutely loved it.

We were talking about the amazing performances of the cast the whole ride home, and how it was so much better than the movie. Mamma Mia is an exciting dance show that made me want to stand up and dance and sing along at times!

The cast was enthusiastic and hysterically funny. I could not point out a certain cast member that was not as good as the others. There was so much talent on stage. It was a fun show that I definitely recommend going to see whenever you get the chance.


Mamma Mia Review – Tickets and Discounts

If you are visiting New York City and are undecided about which Broadway show to see, Mamma Mia is definitely a great option.

As you can see from this Mamma Mia review, it is a lighthearted, fun musical that would add greatly to your NYC experience!

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