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Streetwise Manhattan Map – A folding, pocket size street map of Manhattan, NYC

Streetwise Manhattan Map – A folding, pocket size street map of Manhattan, NYC

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Streetwise Map of Manhattan

Streetwise Map of Manhattan

This map of Manhattan from Streetwise Maps Inc. is a laminated street map of Manhattan. It is a folding, pocket sized travel map which also contains information about Subway lines & stations and bus maps.

Streetwise Manhattan map is a compact map that measures just 8.5″ X 4″ while folded, and measured 8.5″ X 19.25″ while unfolded.


Features of the Streetwise Manhattan map

– A detailed, easy to read and easy to use street map

– Very detailed information on the Subway routes and stations – the information that you would likely use the most while you are in NYC

– Basic information on bus routes in Manhattan

– Covers all the neighborhoods of Manhattan

– Laminated – it would be your companion for a long time even after prolonged use! Plus, it can be easily used even when it is raining.

– Accordion folding for better usability

– Lists all the popular sites that are of interest to tourists


Streetwise Manhattan Map

How its users have rated the Streetwise Manhattan map

The Streetwise Manhattan map has been rated an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 by 37 users on



What the actual users have to say – User Reviews of the Streetwise Manhattan map

– “WOW! Don’t go to NYC without this!”

– “This map along with a multiday subway pass is all you need to have freedom to explore NYC with confidence and speed!”

Manhattan Map Streetwise

Both Sides

– “They fold open and closed so easily, and I’ve had my NYC map for more than a decade and it’s only slightly creased around the edges. I only have to buy a new one because the MTA changed the subway.”

– “Streetwise Manhattan map is the perfect size for the average handbag. The print is readable and clear; the layout is great.”

– “The bus route map is shown as a smaller condensed map, but not the subway system, which I feel is much more useful.”

– “I could easily move all over the city and know where I was at all times. I love that it’s laminated too. Easy to read and to find popular sites.”

– “A perfect map for walking the streets of Manhattan!”

– “It’s slick, sturdy, folds easily and was so handy to slide in and out of a side pocket of my purse.”


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