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Review – Rice To Riches – An Awesome Dessert Place

Review – Rice To Riches – An Awesome Dessert Place

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When you think of desserts, what comes to your mind? Pastries, ice creams, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, muffins, pies, fruits… The list can go on and on. But would a rice pudding ever figure in your list of desserts? I doubt!

Rice to riches serves rice puddings, and only rice puddings. And they make it so tasty that it attains the status of a fine dessert!





Rice To Riches Flavors

Rice To Riches Flavors

The flavors

Of course, you would find out what I mean when you actually visit Rice to Riches yourself. But here are some of the rice pudding flavors, just so that you can know how seriously they take rice puddings!

(Image source)

– Cinnamon Sling

– The Edge Of Rum Raisin

– Coast To Coast Cheesecake

– Chocolate Chip Flirt

– Coconut Coma

– Fluent In French Toast

– Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug (personal favorite)

– “Category 5” Caramel

– Man-Made Mascarpone

– The Corner Of Cookies & Cream

– Old Fashioned Romance

– Understanding Vanilla

– Panna Cotta

– Almond Shmalmond

– Take Me To Tiramisu

– Sex Drugs And Rocky Road (personal favorite)

– Strawberry Banana

– Wild Berry

– Peach Mango


Rice To Riches Serving

Rice To Riches Serving

Serving Sizes and Price

Rice to Riches has convenient serving sizes:

– Solo (serves 1, $6.75)

– Epic (serves 1-2, $8.50)

– Sumo (serves 5, $25.00)

You get the rice pudding in colorful, sturdy plastic containers that you can reuse. And they come with a matching spoon!

(Image source)

Rice to Riches also delivers – and not just in New York City! It delivers anywhere in the US. But you can only order the Sumo size when you are asking for a delivery. You can place the order at their website (please see below).


Other Notable Things

– You can try the different flavors before buying one. And you can try as many as you want.

– You can ask for a mix of 2 flavors (except for the size Solo)

– You can choose from a lot of toppings (at an additional cost)

– The place is full of witty one-liners that encourage you to eat. Some examples: “These premises are occupied by compulsively obsessed dessert-loving people with no self-control and discipline”, “I’ll diet when the earth runs out of food”, “Will work for carbs”. Even the rest room has a couple of these!

– The seating space here is quite limited.


Rice To Riches New York City

Rice To Riches New York City

Location and Contact Details

Rice to Riches is located on Spring Street (between Mott & Mulberry Streets), slightly north of Little Italy (the area is also known as Nolita, or North of Little Italy). It is also very near Chinatown.

It is at a walk able distance from the Spring Street (trains 4 & 6), Prince Street (trains N & R) and Broadway-Lafayette (trains B, D, F & M) subway stations.



37 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012

Phone Number



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