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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge Location


Manhattan: Park Row, Near City Hall, New York, NY 10002

Brooklyn: Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn


Brooklyn Bridge is located in downtown Manhattan on the lower East side.





About Brooklyn Bridge

New York’s most renowned bridge is Brooklyn Bridge.  The Brooklyn Bridge joins two grand New York City regions: Manhattan and Brooklyn. It crosses east river, and is one of New York City’s most renowned routes for tourists.

Brooklyn Bridge - New York City

Brooklyn Bridge - New York City

It is currently maintained by New York City Department of Transportation. It was opened on May 24, 1883 – 128 years ago. This bridge Construction began in 1870 and took more than 13 years to complete! At that moment in time, it was the best ever suspension bridge in the world.

You can look into the watching points under the support towers, with panoramic picture describing the olden times of New York’s harbor. This lasting, momentous monument, with its neo-Gothic towers – there is no way you can ignore it!

(Image by Tiago Fioreze)

Do not forget to take your camera because the sights are quite eye-catching. When you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you can enjoy a great view of Manhattan, Brooklyn and lower NY Harbor including the Statue of Liberty.


What to See at the Brooklyn Bridge


The Walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge formally became a national monument in 1964. It has an elevated walk way for pedestrians, and it has many advantages. It gives you the chance to cross the river without being concerned by the traffic that rushes past a level below. In addition, it puts forward a great view of the bridge’s towers with downtown Manhattan’s skyline. These sights attract millions of people to this bridge each year.


Brooklyn Bridge Tower

Brooklyn Bridge Tower

Brooklyn Bridge Tower

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best engineering achievements of the 19th century, and remains one of New York’s most admired and famous attractions.

One of the most visible attribute of the Brooklyn Bridge is the two stonework towers to which its many cables are attached. These towers with big Gothic arches are 276 ft. tall.

Due to these towers, the Brooklyn Bridge became one of the tallest landmarks in New York City.

(Image by Salon Nowojorski)


Brooklyn Bridge – Pedestrian and Vehicular Access

Right now, Brooklyn Bridge has six lanes for motor vehicles, with a detach footpath beside the center line for pedestrians and bicycles. Because of the roadway’s height and weight limitations, commercial vehicles are forbidden from using this bridge.

Trivia: The Brooklyn Bridge also has two indoor traffic lanes that earlier carried elevated trains of the BMT from Brooklyn points to a terminal at Park Row via Sands Street.  Streetcars ran on the two center lanes until the elevated lines were stopped in 1950.


Brooklyn Bridge – 100th anniversary celebrations

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

On May 24, 1983, the centennial celebration was held, and a parade of cars crossed the bridge, in the presence of President Ronald Reagan.

On this occasion, the Brooklyn Museum displayed a collection of the unique drawings of the bridge’s structure, several of which were by Washington Roebling.


The Brooklyn Bridge: Visiting hours and Fees

The Brooklyn Bridge is open 24 hours. There is no charge for walking across it, and there is no toll for vehicles.

(Image by miss vichan)


How to Reach the Brooklyn Bridge


By Train / Subway

You can take a Subway train to go to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mahattan End

  • Take the 4 / 5 / 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall
  • N / R trains to City Hall
  • 2 / 3 trains to Park Place

Brooklyn End

  • Take the A / C trains to High Street
  • 2 / 3 trains to Clark Street


By Bus

Brooklyn Bridge is also easily accessible by MTA buses, and using the New York Hop On Hop Off Buses.


Other Tourist Attractions Near Brooklyn Bridge


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