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Atlantic City – The Gambling Capital of the East Coast

Atlantic City – The Gambling Capital of the East Coast

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If you are looking for a new tourist destination and haven’t explored the many awesome places near New York City yet, then there is one city that might be of interest to you – Atlantic City.

It is internationally known and prominently placed in the country’s hottest tourism spots list. The reason for this is largely attributed to the legalization of gambling in this seaside vicinity.

However, don’t be fooled so instantly. Gambling is absolutely not the only thing that Atlantic City has to offer!


Atlantic City – Location and History

Atlantic City is located in Southern New Jersey in the Atlantic county. It attained city status in 1854, and was soon established as a resort destination in the 19th century due to its real estate and beaches on the Jersey shore.

To this day, millions of tourists from all around the world are captivated by the city’s unique local events, fine dining experience, beach resorts, tax-free shopping sprees and great places of entertainment, such as its very own array of casinos.


Casinos and Gambling in Atlantic City

Do you know that Atlantic City is actually named as the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast”?

Casinos and Gambling in Atlantic City

Casinos and Gambling in Atlantic City

Well, it should not come to you as a surprise! It is because this metropolis comes just second to Las Vegas when it comes to the number of casinos it houses and the annual revenue it sources from its vibrant gambling industry.

Because of the passage of a state-wide referendum legalizing gambling, the city went upscale with casinos. Some of its casino hotels are The Borgata, Harrah’s Atlantic City, Trump Taj Mahal, Tropicana Atlantic City, Caesars Atlantic City, Revel Atlantic City, and Resorts Casino Hotel.

There is also a gambling hall called The Wild Wild West Casino.

Popular casino games being played by people in the city’s casinos are poker, roulette, slots, blackjack, keno, specialty table games, slot machines and many more.


Atlantic City – Beyond Gambling


The Boardwalk

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City Boardwalk

If you want to get around and explore Atlantic City, the best place to go to is its famous Boardwalk. It is the first and oldest boardwalk ever constructed in the United States!

The boardwalk is said to be the backbone of the metropolis. Its path begins in the North at the Absecon Inlet, and runs through the beach located at the Southwest corner of the town all the way towards the city of Ventnor.

This four mile long walkway is your access to the city’s renowned hotels, shopping outlets, beach resorts, restaurants, casinos, and a lot more.


The Piers

The boardwalk also consists of piers that feature some of the city’s primary attractions. You have Steel Pier which offers you an amusement park.

You also have Garden Pier which takes pride as the city’s arts and cultural centre. You can have a taste of the past in its historical museum!


Events in Atlantic City

Popular events in the metropolis include its Food and Wine Festival and Film Festival. It has also been the home of the Miss America Competition from when it was founded up until 2005 when the pageant was moved to the city of Las Vegas.

Atlantic City also has a yearly air show at the Boardwalk, which is called the Thunder Over The Boardwalk.

Because of these fun and exciting events, it is not a mystery why hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city and continue to boost its healthy tourism industry.


Getting to Atlantic City from New York City (NYC)

You might be wondering about how to go to Atlantic City if you are visiting New York City. Well, there’s no need for concern, because this grown-up playground & Casino city is actually not that far from the New York City, and is highly accessible from it. These two cities are just 126 miles apart!


Private Luxury Transfers

If you prefer traveling privately, the best option is to hire private luxury transfers from New York City to Atlantic City.

These provide you great luxury and complete privacy, are are only slightly costlier than public transit options!


Train Service Between New York City and Atlantic City

You have quite a handful of options to go to Atlantic City from the boroughs of New York City. The most popular is taking the train which connects the two cities – you can take the train from New York’s Penn Station to Atlantic’s Express Terminal.

The ride will be for about two hours and forty minutes. This train service between New York City and Atlantic City runs only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, though.

Normally, the fare is $29 for a one-way ride, but if there is limited availability during peak seasons, the fare may rise up to $39 for a one-way journey.


Bus Service Between New York City and Atlantic City

If you prefer a cheaper transportation option, then you can take a bus from NYC to Atlantic City.

Bus Service from New York City NYC to Atlantic City

Bus Service from New York City NYC to Atlantic City

One option is Greyhound’s special bus service, which is called the Lucky Streak. It goes directly from Manhattan’s Port Authority bus Terminal to your Atlantic City casino stop – not to the bus terminal!

You obviously have many choices when it comes to the casino destination. So make sure you do some research beforehand. But then, you can always ask other passengers where they’re headed, and head there too. Or you can just go with the traffic!

The bus fare is normally just $25 for a round-trip, so it is quite economical. A bus ride from NYC to Atlantic City also takes only two and a half hours, so it is actually faster than a train ride!

Insider Tip: You can get a free casino voucher when you take a bus from New York City to Atlantic City! That’s right – certain bus companies give you a voucher worth up to $20 for one of the Casinos in Atlantic City. You can exchange this voucher for Casino money, so effectively, your bus ride costs only $5!

Aside from Greyhound’s Lucky Streak, there is also Megabus. With the same route, and only $15 for the round trip, you get free Wi-Fi connectivity on-board. You also get a 4-day casino voucher upon your outbound seat reservation.

So if you have the time, the means and you’re feeling lucky, why not visit Atlantic City when you are visiting NYC?

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